Technical and business consulting are complex and responsible tasks. My many years of experience in companies of all sizes and in various sectors (industry, automotive, banking, insurance, start-ups, SMEs) will also help you to build a strategic and sustainable framework for your investments. Various models are conceivable for this:

  • Technical Board Advisor: in this role, I support the supervisory bodies of companies to implement IT projects and strategies in a technical, sustainable, qualitative and secure manner.
  • Senior Consultant / Team Lead: I have taken on this role in several projects in recent years. It is more operational in nature and aims to qualify your team (indirect coaching), impart knowledge and build team structures that are optimally suited to your project goals. Whether in personnel selection, team set-up or the subsequent transition of the team into organizational structures, the focus is on tact, technical understanding and experience in dealing with employees and service providers
  • Quality assurance / audit: an additional assessment is often required. If you want to find out whether your solution corresponds to the desired quality, it helps to seek an external, independent opinion. Through my work as an IT expert, I am not only suitably experienced, but you can also have court-proof analyses prepared for the eventuality that we all want to avoid. In today’s IT world, there is unfortunately a multitude of technologies, terms and solutions that cannot be evaluated at first glance.

If you, as a decision-maker in your company, take responsibility for these issues, then you should also feel comfortable with your decisions. Competent advice is one way of achieving this.
Thanks to my many years of experience in many areas, my involvement in countless projects and the professional opportunities to constantly gain new experience, keep my finger on the pulse and test new technologies for their suitability for use, I can support you in making the right and sustainable decision.

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