Software Engineering

The term "German Engineering" is still a globally recognized seal of quality. In the field of software engineering, the foundation for quality is laid based on the selected process model, the processes based on it, the project organization, the selected architecture models and components for development and the software development process. 

Modern development projects face a multitude of challenges. Deadline and cost pressure, a wide variety of process models and their framework conditions, different employee qualifications and various types of near- and off-shoring of resources lead to countless hurdles. With our experience and tried-and-tested process models, which are individually adapted to your needs, we help you to overcome these hurdles and take the path to sustainable and investment-proof software engineering.

Software development process

An important anchor point in software engineering is the software development process. This is where you lay the foundation for reproducible results. The definition and implementation of such a process begins with the recording of requirements (requirement engineering) and ends with the successful integration of the results into the company (change management). In between are phases in which specifications, development, testing and documentation take place. The handover points and artifacts (i.e. the results) that are created at the end of each phase are crucial and serve as input for the next phase.

German Engineering vs. Agile Development

In addition to the software development process, there are a number of "soft" criteria that contribute to the success of a project or development department. The term "German engineering", which is still valued internationally, includes a structured approach, clean and comprehensive specifications, high-quality and well-tested software results, documentation, adherence to deadlines and a certain amount of "thinking along" in all areas.

In contrast, many projects use agile software development, in which various parts of the above-mentioned software development process are deliberately dispensed with in favor of shorter lead times. Agile projects are characterized by the fact that the user (or customer) sees results quickly, that specifications are reduced to a minimum and that tests are carried out very interactively with the specialist department. However, they are also characterized by the fact that the calculation and definition of the desired result are difficult to implement, as both can change with every sprint - i.e. every two weeks in the project.

The aim must therefore be to find and establish the optimal development model for you. The choice of suitable tools and technologies also plays an important role here, because only if all stakeholders can concentrate on their core competencies will the end result be an efficiently managed and high-quality project.

Sustainable software architectures

Sustainable software architectures help to secure project investments in the long term. A software design that is tailored to your needs and objectives can prevent undesirable developments. The decisive basis for this is a detailed understanding of your requirements. Guidelines for development can then be defined, in which your developments can be implemented using various project models (e.g. agile, waterfall, iterative). It then no longer matters whether you are planning on-site, nearshore or offshore developments.

In software development, this means that your investment in the realization of individual software is secure in the long term. The use of special process models and architectures ensures that you can react quickly to new market conditions, that your software can be flexibly adapted and that it can still be kept up to date years from now. Longevity, low development costs, flexibility and innovation can thus be made possible.

Consulting, training, coaching

Thanks to our many years of experience in a wide range of projects and our overview of the latest research and development topics, we are happy to provide individual support for your topics and problems.