Creation of scientific and technical documents

The preparation of theses is an important topic in research and teaching, the preparation of specifications and documentation is an equally important topic in industry. J. Nunamaker’s methodology is ideal for creating scientifically technical documents in a structured, scientifically correct and methodologically sound manner.

With a focus on student theses (e.g. Bachelor’s or Master’s theses) or dissertations, I have created a series of explanatory videos that illustrate the use of the Nunamaker methodology. This is one (!) way of producing final theses in a targeted and unassailable manner. You should clarify further possibilities or the concrete form of the methodology in the context of your work with your supervisor.

Analogous to the creation of theses, the methodology can also be applied directly to requirement/specification specifications, software specifications, test protocols, documents for requirements analysis or the documentation of software.

General overview

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – State of the art in science and technology

Chapter 3 – Modeling

Chapter 4 – Implementation

Chapter 5 – Evaluation

Chapter 6 – Summary