Living Photo – the combination of print and augmented reality

“Living Photo” is the combination of classic print (brochures, magazines, newspapers, posters, business cards, calendars, mugs, etc.) and augmented reality. In this way, you can bring your images to life and open up a variety of new and innovative business models.

The technical implementation is often the least of the problems with such projects, as platforms such as IOS, Android, Unity or Unreal Engine already offer everything needed “out of the box” to create AR applications. However, it is much more difficult to design such applications, automate the data supply paths, integrate the right APIs and set up the associated business processes and business models properly.

“Living Photo” is therefore far more than just an implementation blueprint. You will receive

  • a framework for business processes and business models
  • a decision tree for the management to specify the use in concrete terms
  • a calculation model to obtain an estimate of the costs in advance
  • Implementation examples

This way, you can implement your creative ideas immediately, even without any previous knowledge. Typical use cases of “Living Photo” are

  • Politics: bring your election posters to life and send video messages directly to viewers
  • Newspapers: combine classic articles with related videos
  • Education: 3D models are an excellent way to enrich teaching materials
  • Magazines: Glossy magazines can supplement their content with glossy videos and thus open up new business areas for marketing, advertising and content
  • Business cards: think of a classic business card where the publisher addresses you in the video and introduces themselves
  • Photo products: just like in the Harry Potter universe, your pictures on walls, calendars, photo mugs, cushions, etc. come to life. Unforgettable memories become even more vivid
  • Product development: imagine holding a Bluray in your hand and being able to watch the trailer directly
  • Advertising: large-format advertising is ideal as an AR projection surface and also stimulates the user’s play instinct
  • Branding: your product or brand logos can also be used as anchors for “Living Photo”
  • Events: use the opportunities to captivate your visitors and convey your message in an unforgettable way

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