Research and teaching

Research focus: Multimedia Information Retrieval

MMIR deals with the challenges of feature recognition in the field of multimedia. Various formats and standards, different levels of features (technical, content-related, semantic) and the challenges of obtaining fast and precise search answers from all these features make this field extremely exciting.

Research in the field of graph codes (an innovative way of indexing multimedia) can significantly increase the efficiency of applications in the fields of broadcasting, medical technology, social media, desktop and intranet search, as well as various assistance systems (e.g. in the field of autonomous driving).

We are happy to share these findings with you and support you in innovatively optimizing your projects or products.

Research focus: virtual/augmented reality and metaverses

Metaverses and virtual reality (including the associated augmented and mixed reality applications) represent a large and exciting field of research. In addition to the basic technical implementation, questions relating to interaction models, use cases, navigation and communication in and between virtual worlds are a central focus of our research activities.

Another point is the augmentation of content, i.e. the enrichment of the real world with virtual content. New devices and possibilities in particular are creating new use cases for both consumers and the enterprise environment, which represent new technical and conceptual territory.

In cooperation with various industry partners, we create new worlds and unlimited virtual possibilities for both the commercial and private sectors.

Research focus: Software Engineering

The term “German Engineering” is still a globally recognized seal of quality. In the area of software engineering, the foundation for quality is laid based on the selected process model, the processes based on it, the project organization, the selected architecture models and components for development and the software development process.

Modern development projects face a variety of challenges. Deadline and cost pressure, a wide variety of process models and their framework conditions, different employee qualifications and various types of near- and off-shoring of resources lead to countless hurdles. With our experience and tried-and-tested process models, which are individually adapted to your needs, we help you overcome these hurdles and set you on the path to sustainable and investment-proof software engineering.

Research focus: Gamification and UI/UX

Interaction models with users are more important today than ever before. While UI/UX design follows the approach of making interaction with the user as easy as possible through optimized interfaces, gamification follows the approach of making it as difficult (but much more interesting) as possible for the user through the use of playful elements. Many modern applications have to use both technologies in order to reach their respective target groups in the best possible way.