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At the PFH Göttingen, I am Professor of Business Informatics with a focus on software engineering and IT management. A sound education in theory and practice is enormously important – as is the role of the business informatics specialist in projects and companies. It is therefore my aim to prepare young students for their future jobs in such a way that they can seamlessly gain a foothold in projects and companies and provide them with immediate added value. Thanks to the focus on sustainable architectures, long-term IT investments and the famous “German Engineering”, graduates of the PFH can take on a wide variety of tasks in business informatics.

In addition to the education of young students, an important focus of the PFH is industry transfer, i.e. the combination of concepts from research and teaching with actual practical problems from business and industry. In this context, there are numerous collaborations that give industry partners the opportunity to integrate current research at an early stage (at process, management, organizational and, of course, IT level). In addition, our students benefit from practical application examples and tasks.

Business informatics

Business informatics is an important link between pure computer science and business administration. Business IT specialists are characterized by a sound technical understanding of business processes, company procedures or project management. At the same time, you will be familiar with the procedures in software engineering and software development and will be able to describe, understand and implement highly complex technical issues in computer science. The qualification as a business IT specialist therefore offers a wide range of career prospects: from the “classic” software developer to the specialist in requirement engineering, project or department manager, change manager, through to the modern CIO in the company. At the PFH Göttingen, business informatics plays an important role in teaching (e.g. as part of the dual study program).

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Final theses

The supervision of final theses (term papers, Bachelor’s theses, Master’s theses) at the PFH Göttingen is an important and central task. The aim here is to check whether the content learned can also be applied to practical topics. The Nunamaker method, which can also be used for the creation of scientific and technical documents at work, is an excellent method for this. Further information on this topic can be found in this guide .