Web technologies

This course focuses on the use of Java in the context of web and enterprise applications. These are server-side applications that are typically accessed via a browser or app and in which the business processes are executed on the server side. You will first learn the basics of web architectures and client/server programming, as well as the basic protocols for distributed applications. The important and central model/view/controller design principle for distributed applications then leads to the Java-specific standards, such as Java Servlets, Java Server Pages and Jakarta Faces, which are implemented on the basis of Apache Tomcat and JBoss Applicationserver. An outlook into the area of business process modeling with Enterprise Java Beans and REST Services, data storage (with JDBC and JPA), as well as various Java Script libraries for use in user front-ends leads to a comprehensive overview.

The course is offered as a distance and campus study program as well as a dual study program.

Installed software: Java, Eclipse, Maven, Jakarta Tomcat.