Expert opinion

The preparation of expert opinions requires a high level of expertise, accuracy and experience. Expert opinions are often used for quality assurance, but they are also used in disputes between two or more parties. Particularly in the field of IT, it is a great challenge for experts to remain constantly familiar with the latest technologies and to penetrate the subject matter so deeply that, if necessary, court decisions can also be based on an expert opinion. The combination of many years of project experience in a wide variety of areas and research and teaching activities provides an excellent basis for the task as an expert.

Software and IT assessments are used at various points in software engineering. Basically, expert opinions are always used to determine and document the status of a specific work. This can be a document, source code, data version, user interface, website, app, computer game or any form of digital content in general. Regardless of whether the object to be appraised was created internally, commissioned externally, purchased or found - appraisals provide a neutral, objective way of assessing and documenting the quality of an object at a specific point in time. Decisions can then be made on the basis of an appraisal. If defects are discovered, for example, these can then be rectified. Expert reports can - if desired - contain recommendations and specific optimization measures, so that the client of an expert report not only receives documentation of the current status of the property to be assessed, but specific measures are also developed with which the current status can be optimized.

Experts are naturally subject to a special requirements profile. In addition to the technical qualifications already mentioned, a sound knowledge of the current legal situation, unrestricted objectivity and experience in preparing expert reports that even people without an IT background can understand conclusively are also required.

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