Programmieren mit Java

Java is still one of the most important programming languages of our time and is used in a large number of projects. In addition to "classic" client development, Java plays a particularly important role in the area of server-side (so-called enterprise) development. The development of Android applications for smartphones is also based on Java. Solid knowledge of this programming language is therefore an important basis for modern software development.

For business IT specialists, not only a solid basic education in software (or Java / JEE) development is important, but also a sound understanding of the associated concepts, terms and technologies. Of course, business IT specialists can also program themselves - in practice, however, a much more important task is the mediation and translation between developers and management in a wide variety of project or company tasks.

Die Vorlesung wird im Fernstudium, Campus-Studium und im dualen Studium angeboten.

Installierte Software: Java, Eclipse, Maven.