Do you understand each other?

Marketing gobbledygook, nerd talk, buzzword bingo… Do you sometimes have no idea what the other department wants from you?

Due to our career choices and our environment, we all get stuck in “bubbles” in which we develop our own vocabulary, our own way of thinking and our own prioritization of “important” topics. This is normal to a certain extent, as it significantly optimizes communication within this bubble.

On the other hand, we must never forget: it’s just a bubble. And there are a lot of these bubbles. And each has its own rules, vocabulary, needs, framework conditions, wishes and values.

Only if we manage to leave our bubble regularly and exchange ideas with members from other bubbles can we achieve mutual understanding and find the best solution together.

It’s exhausting, sometimes a little frustrating, but on the other hand also extremely inspiring and exciting. Give it a try!

P.S.: As a computer scientist, it is of course particularly important to me to take up the cudgels for my profession, which is generally said to have somewhat more limited communication skills. In reality, many of us are not that bad 😉