Copy & Paste Programming….

A funny picture, but indeed an important and true core. Today’s programmers are often lost without the Internet, AI, copy&paste.

One reason for this is that companies often place more value on the solution (as long as it works) than on the architecture, long-term viability and understanding of software. What is frightening is that programmers actually get very far with it.

I firmly believe that it is much more important to understand the “why”, i.e. the concepts behind the source code, because then the “how” comes automatically. But without the “why” we might as well let Chat GPT build our software.

That’s why my lectures at the PFH Private University of Applied Sciences Göttingenare certainlynot the easiest, but they are certainly the ones that later provide sustainable, well thought-out and efficient solutions, because my students know “why”. For me, by the way, this is an important part of “German Engineering”!