Identiverse 2024 – Digital Twins

What’s the identity of a digital twin?

We all agree that somehow also digital twins need to be uniquely identified. As they should represent real-world objects (and people), they collect personal and private data in virtual environments and all this needs to be protected.

However, we can create multiple digital twins of the same real-world object or person. We can create slightly different digital twins to simulate a particular behavior. We can define which elements should be manifested in our digital twins, and which we want to hide. So… how can we identify avatars, their properties, their connection back to the real object or person behind it? What happens, if such avatars are exchanged between virtual worlds?

Answers to these questions are important for
– identity management as such
– digital manufacturing
– virtual and augmented worlds

I’m happy to share a 25% discount voucher for this year’s Identiverse, where I have a talk about these topics, the corresponding challenges and possible solutions:

Here’s what to expect there:

Would be great seeing many of you in person!