Developers are people and not “resources”

I think that’s terrible!
In many project meetings, there is more and more talk of “resources” that can be bought in externally, that can be ramped up and down, that can be swapped quickly, and so on.

And of course, the anonymity of nearshoring and offshoring, the remote working situation and the developer job itself mean that you no longer know the people behind the “resource” numbers or names. But that doesn’t mean that they are no longer there!

They still have families, wives, husbands, children, a livelihood to earn, needs and hardships, but still the desire to feel welcome in the team, to be able to develop and contribute.

And with all the “management speak”, the budget planning, the ramping up and ramping down, please let’s not forget that we’re talking about people here. About colleagues and employees who want to work with us to make a project a success and are committed to it.

Employees – whether internal or external – are one of the most important pillars on which every company is based. They carry and disseminate knowledge, create a pleasant working atmosphere (hopefully) and use their personal energy to ensure that the company’s goals are successfully achieved.

So please stop talking about resources – let’s go back to talking about people or colleagues or at least people.

P.S.: by the way, this does not only apply to developers