German Engineering…

Short-term project goals vs. long-term planning…
I am increasingly noticing that long-term planning is very quickly sacrificed in order to achieve short-term goals. Architects and strategy-conscious developers are often put off with the “firm promise” that they will tidy up after project milestones, straighten things out and install sensible structures.

The term “German Engineering” once stood for the high art of engineering, paired with good planning, sound (and punctual) implementation and for solutions that are designed for the long term and offer companies corresponding added value.

I fear we have forgotten some of this….

We need to focus more on what made us great as an industrial and engineering nation. That we deliver solutions that stand out from the competition through sustainability, durability, solid and robust implementation. In software development, this means

– Don’t let yourself be forced into “quick & dirty” architectures by short-term milestones
– demand time for clean-up projects, for solid refactoring
– Rely on structures that can still be used flexibly in 5, 10 or 15 years’ time
– Keep the know-how about your solutions in the company (nothing is more expensive than loss of knowledge)
– qualify yourself and your employees in the use of sustainable solutions

I hope that we can all work together to turn “German Engineering” back into the international quality brand that it once was!