AI again – this time multimodal!

I just stumbled across this video with a demo of Google’s Gemini AI – please check it out!

Even if a lot of things here are certainly still tailored for a demo and in practice many things will probably not work straight away as shown in this video – we must not forget that the first version of Chat GPT was released just over a year ago, which for many of us now feels completely “normal”. And now something like this…..

A multimodal system that takes text, audio, video, images, drawings and sketches as input and reacts in an astonishingly (or frighteningly) human way. A system that works creatively, “comes up with” its own games, recognizes patterns and makes suggestions on its own. The time span in which this next technological quantum leap was possible is crazy – absolutely crazy. Many AI skeptics warn about the exponential speed at which AI models are evolving and I think a system like Gemini is proof enough that the technology is even faster than the human mind can even comprehend what is happening.

The computer scientist in me finds this video phenomenal, fascinating, inspiring, crazy or simply insane.

The professor in me sees the responsibility that comes with such technologies and thinks about how we should deal with them in research, teaching, in the workplace, in companies and in our private lives.

The father in me wonders how he is supposed to teach his children to still learn for themselves, stay curious and cram math, physics, English and German when an AI can do it all much easier and faster for them.

The rest of me is somehow left wondering and shaking my head…

To all the young people “out there”: we are in a time of technological masterpieces. What happens in these years will change all our lives for the next decades, centuries, probably even forever. I can only encourage you: watch, learn, create, soak it all up! And tell your children and grandchildren, because they will ask you “Mom / Dad / Grandpa / Grandma – what was it actually like when AI was growing up”. I hope we can all then report on a success story.